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Era of New Solstice

A science fiction novel
by Lee Ching Kai & Lim Wooi Khai

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The Milky Way, trillions of years ago, was in peril with the existence of the tyrannous Lenzoniums. As Sire Yojivu and his comrades flee from Planet Slóvtine, taking refuge on other planets, the journey to the Earth, in quest of the cure for Empress Rainok’s Corticobasal Degeneration, begins.

Determined to cure the disease, their hope falls short when they struggle to overcome the mutant apocalypse, hallucination, death of Empress Rainok, moon apocalypse, and other atrocious incidents on Earth. To plant the stem cell on Empress Rainok’s brain, Sire Yojivu, now a scientist in Klinik De Era, is resort to shrinking to enter her body, facing myriads of immune responses and obstacles.

Despite all odds, love and romance blossom, and everything is well until Sire Yojivu realizes that his real father is in fact Zeus, the God of Thunder. Astonished, he manages to prevail over his emotions when he sets out a quest to confront their enemies, the Titans, imprisoned on Planet Nir. Putting the universe on knife-edge, the Titans aspire to conquer the world and defeat Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, who have banished them trillions of years ago.

With the true potential of demi-gods, Sire Yojivu and Empress Rainok strive to restore the universe’s peace. Are they able to accomplish such a feat?



A big fan of Hollywood movies, Lee Ching Kai is a student in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kampar Campus, majoring in Bachelor of Commerce (HONS) Accounting. He has previously written five books, making this his sixth book. He has for a few years been an avid writer for novels with the genre of romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and action, and he has made an interesting ‘fusion’ of sceince and fiction in the writing of this book. He has worked very closely with his co-author, (Dr) Lim, throughout this exciting process.



(Dr) Lim is a medical doctor by day, a reader/writer by night. For years, he has been an active content writer for his area of practice, particularly in regenerative medicine, an area many believe would be the future of healthcare. As a fan of sci-fi novels, he tries to imagine the future possibilities of healthcare technology, yet remains critical of the actual scientific progress. He was invited to co-author for his passion and professional work. His main task is to verify and contribute to the science behind the fiction of this exciting new book.


Lee Ching Kai
Lim Wooi Khai
Science Fiction
Page Count
148 x 210 mm
Era Estetika Sdn Bhd