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Unlocking the Secrets of Making Safe Choices

by Chin Yew Sin

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"No one comes to work with the goal of having an accident. Bad decisions made with good intentions are still bad decisions." -- Jim Collins

An average person makes 2000-3000 decisions each day. ¼ of these have safety implications. Even a 1% wrong call on your part may cause up to 6 different incidents.

Create an environment where your employees are empowered to make the right safety decisions?

Unknowingly created an environment where your employees were unable to make the right safety choices?

“This book will help you not only learn how to be a safe decision maker, but in how to spot others in your team who are at higher risk of making unsafe choices. It is the secret code to the “how” we can stay safe each time.”
-- Syed Nahar, Former Asset Manager of ExxonMobil in Malaysia

“This book effectively shapes workplace leaders’ views on safety and teaches how to incorporate “Safe Choice” decision making practices into every aspect of daily operations.”
-- K.K. Pang, Former Programmatic and Integrity Manager- Mobil Producing Nigeria

“This book should be compulsory reading for all new entrants into the company on how safety can be a way of life not only at the workplace but in everything we do for the rest our lives.”
-- Dr. Asma Abdullah, H. R Trainer and Coach. Co-author of 5 books on Understanding the Malaysia Workforce, Culture Matters, and Insights

About the Author

Chin was previously the Head of Learning, Competency, and People Development with ExxonMobil, as well as a Certified Professional Trainer and Facilitator (certified in University Malaya) who has also trained under Joel Bauer, a mentor of mentors.

Chin chose a non-conventional path in the late 1970s to pursue his vocational /craft education (Mechanical Engineering) in one of the only two polytechnics that existed in Malaysia then. He subsequently spent his entire 38 years career with ExxonMobil Corporation Malaysia, half of which was at offshore platforms in South China Sea. He was one of the pioneers in developing leadership, and rose through rank and file to be a notable safety advocate.

Facilitated by the systematic application of best practices in learning and mentoring, he quickly rose to become the Person in Charge of offshore platforms in less than 8 years. He was in this role for 12 years prior to his various overseas postings in USA and West Africa (Angola), expanding his experience from shallow water, conventional oil and gas platforms to deep-sea - FPSO operations.

In his capacity as Head of Learning and People Development group, his team was responsible in recruiting and grooming hundreds of best-in-class offshore technicians specializing in oil and gas operations; many of which have since progressed to leadership positions within the organization.

Chin and his team are fond of using role plays and storytelling as effective ways to impart safety knowledge, many of which are featured in this book.

Post retirement, Chin pursued his dream of writing this book as a legacy of his journey in safety leadership. He recently joined Alliance for Safe Community (IKS) on invitation from Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, the founding chairman of the NGO with the mission to promote and realise safety as our way of life, for the betterment of the community and the nation.

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Chin Yew Sin
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Unlocking The Secret Of Making Safe Choices
1 year ago
Your review
When tragic accidents happened, we usually refer victims involved as “Not in the State of Mind” or “Careless”. Have we ever wondered the causes behind the stories? As layman we generally do not care much because we do not think that accident will happen on us or amongst us. This book has successfully brought out all the possible root causes which could trigger an accident. The author blended very well his personal off-shore working experiences into this book. They were real life incidents which intriguingly immersed the readers to continue reading without stopping though the contexts are full of facts. While reading the book, you generally feel that you were with the author at the scene of the accidents.
I personally as a reader would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone. The story line of this book will definitely make you grasping the essence of “Why accidents happened?” and “How could we minimise or avoiding accidents from happening?”. There are many human touches which we generally neglected and do not bother to shine on them.

Besides, I also think this book ought to be read by those who are interested to acquire the knowledge of safety. Also, it should be read by all levels of management and board members. The author has tactically and meticulously baked the scientific hard facts and the psychological aspects of managing safety into an enlightening reading material. You would be happy to see them which are not like a piece of dry stuff. Managing safety is managing people. In our course of running an operation, managing an organization or a company, this book definitely can offer a lot of management skills or tips which could be long forgotten in our hustle and bustle routine.
Lastly a thumb up and a big thanks to our Malaysian author Chin Yew Sin. If there is a second edition of this book, I hope the printing quality can be further improved and the graphs and figures to be made colour and more distinctive. This will definitely enhance our reading pleasure.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1 year ago
Your review
This book is great for learning about safety best practices.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
No video intro by the author himself
8 months ago
Your review
Can't find excerpts or snippets
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Making Safe Choices
1 year ago
Your review
- Good read and each chapter has a STOP & THINK MOMENT for self reflection.
- The author's FInal Thoughts Chapter sums it's all.Safety is a journey ,the buy in,putting safe choices concept in practice . End of the day it's ones safety value and it's part of behaviour.
- Non Oil and Gas personnel safety incidents are no more different from Oil and Gas industries.SOP not followed,bias decisions,work pressure etc.
This book,Making Safe Choices ,will be a good read beyond Oil & Gas Industries.
- On page 26,a question was asked" How do I know I am on SPIES model?
This is a good start to gauge oneself and how to go up the ladder to be SPIRITUAL.
- Leaders and Supervisors are a MUST to read this book The Author used down to earth language to get the message across.Actual safety incidents are shared.Case studies are also also included.
- I thanks the Author in his effort to prevent . " HURTS".

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"Safe Choice" is the Smart Choice!
1 year ago
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This is a must-read book for any discerning individuals or progressive companies that uphold ESG as part of their life or corporate tenets. The author has manage to unpack the key principles and applications of “Safe Choice” in a highly engaging, captivating and easily digestible format. The ‘stop & think moments’ at the end of each chapter indeed is a great bonus of the book as it serves to enhance and solidify one’s learning along the path to safe & better decision-making journey!
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A great book to learn how one can unlock the secret of the Safe Choice techniques and concepts in oil and gas offshore operations!
1 year ago
Your review
The author shared many of his life learnings through the Safe Choice lens and linking them through the Safe Choice techniques and Concepts with many powerful personal stories to help the readers to connect to them in every day's life. Story telling has always been a great way in helping the readers to connect to his experience and feelings towards safety leadership. A great book to learn how one can unlock the secret of the Safe Choice techniques and concepts and operationalize it!
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MUST READ for those in oil & gas
9 months ago
Your review
A really good read. I could relate with the author's sharing, even though I don't come from the oil & gas industry.

The real life stories were impactful, with many lessons to be learnt.

If you're working in the oil & gas industry, this is a MUST READ. And i's still a very good read for everyone else. Can enhance our safety mindset, improve our decision making and do better risk assessment in our daily life.

ET Khor (Culture Transformation Expert)
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