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Over the years, The Inspiration Hub team has been involved in helping many authors to publish their books. Some authors came to us with just manuscripts in their hands... raw text with no design. Some already had halfway done but needed extra help in particular areas. Regardless of what stage the authors came to us at, we provided the very help they needed to take their book to the next level. Developing the book project from the beginning, design & editorial, printing, distribution--we did it all. Here is the portfolio of book titles we've been involved in:


Secrets of Golden Numbers Finding and Keeping Your Crush Little Quark and the Rude Little Goose How to Invest Successfully in Australian Property Dirty Tricks Pretty Lies Ugly Truth Islam dan Kesihatan Awam Expressions of an Inward Path Elegant I Am The Alpha and Omega Internet Evangelism Perfect Love and Other Stories Malaysian Cherry Tree and Other Poems