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Religion: A peaceful aspect of our lives… yet being made complicated?

Written by: Christina Tang – 18 November 2020

This is an article that is generally meant for people who are open minded and willing to see things in a whole new perspective without having to feel challenged or offended in any way. If you think you are the kind of person who would easily get a severe heart attack when your ideas seemed to be challenged in anyway. I suggest you might want to quit reading this immediately.

Dear All Brothers & Sisters,

This might sound like a very delicate and complicated topic to discuss. But, please hear me out!

If you could read this entire post and take a peaceful stance for every word said here, this will definitely be something transformational for you. Thus, I hope you would read on until the end! :)

Before I dive into this topic. I would like all readers to ponder about my very 1st Prelude question for a moment...

Prelude Question #1:

If you have a friend who scored 45% for his science examination.. And you scored 85% for the very same exam, does that make you a smarter person than this person? What will your answer be?

Here, I believe, is the billion-dollar answer.

“The moment we think we are smarter than others...We are already considered as being Proud!”

Why do I say that? Cause you don’t know if he could have scored better than you for other subjects!

In the nutshell: Nobody in this planet is actually ‘smarter’ than others. Each of us are born Unique. That’s all.

Now, let’s apply this very same example in the context of Religion which will be illustrated in my 2nd Prelude Question here:

Prelude Question #2:

In your own opinion, do you believe the religion that you are devoted to, is the best religion ever in the whole wide world? Or even in the entire Universe per se? Please do ponder hard upon this for a little while longer...


If we apply the sample principle as per my 1st prelude question, the answer would be:

“The moment we think that our religion is greater than the rest, it is already a form of 'Pride'.”

And guess what? In the context of religion, that is already a sin in itself!

When we have such mindset towards our own religion, people from other religious background will eventually lose respect for ours. It will not just make people think that our religion consists of many “Proud People”, but eventually they would then further associate our excessive sense of Pride, to the teachings our religious beliefs.

In my opinion, no one should ever think their religion is the best religion, even if we strongly feel so. Because this would subconsciously make us disregard other people's religious beliefs. In turn, this gives our religion a very bad name to others.

Every religion, though have different rituals, they all teach us good things, and share similar truths.

However, there is an irony, with a sad fact attached to it – when people start to talk about religion (though supposed to come from a peaceful place), many would start fighting and arguing on who is right and who is wrong, who is better or who is worse...

NOTE: I am not specifically pointing fingers at devoters of any particular religion…’Cause let's face it… every religion will have people with this kind of mentality deeply ingrained in them and this is also the most destructive mindset to adopt in the context of true humanity and spirituality– This, in my opinion, is a form of blasphemy to God!

In the nutshell: Regardless who we think is better and who is worse, we all came from the same Creator.

Now, let’s tie the above two Prelude Questions to my 3rd Prelude Question as per below:

Prelude Question #3:

Do you think Red is better than Blue?

If person A likes red colour, and person B likes blue colour, does person A need to point a gun onto B's head and tell him that he had just liked the wrong colour? And that he should like Red colour instead, or else he should be shot down? No right?

Anyone would know that this is a trivial issue, and everyone is entitled to have their own favourite colour. In fact, we could all understand and be agreeable that everyone deserves full liberty to like whatever colour that resonates well with their soul. But somehow sadly, and unfortunately, this can be very different when it comes to Religion.

Why do we need to complicate something as Beautiful as the concept of Religion?

If we as humans can accept and embrace the fact that everyone could have their own freedom to choose their individual favourite colour, why can’t we respect that everyone should be given the liberty to practise their own preference of faith that resonate well with their hearts, without causing any physical, emotional, and psychological harm to them?

Can’t we all do the same for this?

Red, blue, green… Regardless of whatever colour we like, ultimately they are just the matter of different colour preferences. Different colours make our world colourful. Don’t you agree?

Same goes for religion, regardless what religion we are devoted to, they are all Beautiful. Ultimately, we are still devoted to the same Almighty God, though we may have our individual religious preferences.

You know, I have been fortunate to have met and known people from various cultural and religious backgrounds – both locally and internationally. And guess what? They are extremely nice and considerate people! Like, totally awesome people! Nothing like how the movies/media had always portray them to be! At all!

I just find it ironic that how can some individual persons (regardless whatever religion they are devoted to) would often feel that there is a need to defend for the Supreme whenever other ‘small flies’ humans like us, start to mock Him. When we are overwhelmed with our personal life's trials and tribulation, don’t we ourselves turn to the Supreme for help?

We humans are weak. We can say things that inadvertently go wrong or even hurt others. We humans can sin from making mistakes and erroneous judgment.

But, the Supreme is ever Powerful and Perfect. And, if that’s the case, why do we have to get ourselves defensive over other ‘small flies’ humans who mock our Religion…? Especially when we ourselves know that humans are nothing, but just tiny bits of dust particles in God’s eyes?

Instead of fighting one another (which is equally a sin as well), why not ponder upon what God truly wants from all of us. Remember, God, as we all already know, is the most Supreme. We don’t need to defend for Him, because God Himself is already the utmost Supreme Judge.

Whenever we feel tempted to defend for our Supreme, take consolation that there is nothing that He can’t handle because He is the Greatest and the Most Supreme High. When we do that, we could ease yourself of this unnecessary burden.

As a conclusion: We should remember this: The best Defense, is no Defense. Instead of fighting each other, we should Trust in His Almighty’s Strength, with the knowing that He is the Only One who can handle All things Created by Himself.

And also, God is ever-Creative in all His makings. So, to truly please Him, we should respect all His Creation, and learn how to embrace Diversity as His Most Supreme Masterpiece simply by not Destroying it.

P/S: I just wanna thank you all who have finished reading this post of mine until the end. I hope this was insightful for you. And if in any way, you find it offensive, I would like to sincerely apologize here. Remember, whoever you are, I just wana let you from the bottom of my heart that you are a great person, just like everyone else. Thus, my message was never meant to mock anyone, but to ultimately bring more awareness, foster peace, promote harmony, and embrace understanding amongst us regardless of whatever religious background we are devoted to, in a large scale! Thank you once again for reading & God Bless You All! 😊