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Hear the testimonials from the authors we've helped so far:


Brand Yourself

"The Inspiration Hub has been amazing to work with. We are blessed to have our book Brand Yourself published with them in May 2016. It was a great experience working with them, especially Nickey Teoh who has been following through closely from the beginning till the publication of our book. Our gratitude to each and everyone at The Inspiration Hub who have contributed in getting our book done. We are extremely happy with your effort and services in readying our work to be presented to the world. Thank you again!"

-- Datin Winnie Loo, Founder of A Cut Above
& Steve Wee, Founder of Brand Yourself Agency
Authors of Brand Yourself


Secrets of Golden NumbersFinding and Keeping Your Crush

"Nickey of The Inspiration Hub is a godsend. I was looking for a book publishing agent in Malaysia to promote my books and he got referred by a good friend. He is professional and able to deliver swift results. My books are now distributed in Popular bookstores in JB, KL and Penang, also in Borders. I have been on 3 book tours in Malaysia last month and loving every minute of it! Thank you, Nickey! Keep up the good work!"

-- Gracy Yap, Singapore
Intuitive Master Numerologist & Teacher

Author of Finding and Keeping Your Crush and Secrets of Golden Numbers


The Fourth RevolutionProject Soft Power

"We have been using The Inspiration Hub to support our publishing activity for more than one year and we are very pleased with their responsiveness and how helpful they are when it comes to moving through the complexities of printing and publishing. As we moved from Malaysia to Singapore, we continue to use their services regularly, which is a great testimony to their effectiveness."

-- Jeremie Averous, Director of Fourth Revolution Publishing
Author of The Fourth Revolution and Project Soft Power


How to Invest Successfully in Australian Property

"As a first time author, I was very overwhelmed at how complex the world of self publishing can appear to be. After meeting Nickey from The Inspiration Hub, I felt very assured and confident that I was being guided by the very best in the book marketing industry. I cannot recommend The Inspiration Hub enough, they are ethical, creative and resourceful."

-- Joe Abadi
Author of How to Invest Successfully in Australian Property
Managing Director of OzmyProperty



"Linking up with The Inspiration Hub team to guide me through the maze of publishing will certainly rank as one of the best decisions I have ever made. I live in New Zealand, had a busy job but needed to get my book published in time for a family event. Nickey, Joyce and their amazing team somehow managed to bridge the time and geographical barriers, patiently put up with my delays and delivered a beautiful end product right on time! A truly inspiring team!"

-- Edmond Ang, author of Popo



TM Cooks You Relax

"The Inspiration Hub is a very reliable publishing house. Their Publishing Director, Mr Nickey Teoh is very experienced, detailed & meticulous in guiding me in my book publishing every step of the way. They are also very reasonable in their pricing. I would definitely recommend their service and use their service again for my Volume 2."

-- Annie Xavier
Author of TM Cooks You Relax



Jiak Hong

"It has been a pleasure working with the Inspiration Hub.

The team in the Inspiration Hub has responded on time, and made the experience of self-publishing possible, manageable and reasonable. As a first-time author who chose self-publishing, I had a lot to learn! Nickey kindly shared his advice and thoughts about printing, publishing, distribution, as well as relevant experiences.

Thank you again to the team at the Inspiration hub. I highly recommend anybody considering self-publishing to approach them."

-- Tan Jia Hong, author of Jiak Hong with Jia Hong



"The Inspiration Hub provided me with great insights before I begin my journey as an author. Their services are definitely top-notched with reasonable price. I would definitely recommend anyone to include The Inspiration Hub to be part of their journey to publish a book."

-- Dickson Pua, author of Recharged




Islamic Home Education

"Any printing company with good equipment can produce high quality printing, but what makes The Inspiration Hub a notch higher than others is their EXCELLENT customer service. Dealing with Nickey, is like working with a friend who listens, advice and have your interest at heart. Prior to this written testimonial, I have already been giving 'verbal testimonies' to friends and family as I am VERY satisfied and pleased with the printing quality of my books and great customer service by The Inspiration Hub. Thank you Nickey and his team. Keep it up! Good customer service definitely goes a long way."

-- Umm Adam Ansari, author of Islamic Home Education


Extraordinary Hands

"My heartiest congratulations on having a marvellous team for a job well done. I am not only impressed with the support and assistance provided, but also the display of talent, creativity and innovativeness. I feel you and your team demonstrated a great deal of professionalism throughout the entire process of the book publication and I appreciate your honesty, expertise and dedication. It was a great pleasure working with you and your team from the start to the finish and I would like to say thank you and keep up with the great service."

-- Jackie Chin, International Palmist
Author of Extraordinary Hands


Colourzwork For You

"Great follow up and service from The Inspiration Hub team! I have my first book Colourzwork For You published in time in November 2013, as planned. Thank you so much for the consistent service and advice."

-- Evelyn Leong, author of Colourzwork For You





Little Quark and the Rude Little Goose

"The Inspiration Hub was consistently professional and responsive throughout the process to introduce the inaugural issue of the Little Quark collection of picture books into the market. I'm delighted to continue enjoying the company's utmost support as I embark on a mini tour to promote the book across my favorite MPH outlets. Thanks, Nickey!"

-- Dr Jacquelyn PY Soo
Author of Little Quark and the Rude Little Goose


Islam & Kesihatan Awam

"Alhamdulillah! With the efficient work and full cooperation from Nickey and the team at The Inspiration Hub, I was able to publish my first book, Islam & Kesihatan Awam: Menurut Perspektif Al-Qur'an dan Sunnah. They have made the journey less painful but yet achievable. It is my hope that through The Inspiration Hub, the fear of writing can be uplifted and therefore promoting more Malaysians to write."

-- Dr Anita Abd Rahman, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Author of Islam & Kesihatan Awam: Menurut Perspektif Al-Qur'an dan Sunnah



Expressions of an Inward Path

"The Inspiration Hub gave me hope in publishing my work, especially so when its previous work seems to be in line with the direction of where I was thriving to head--publishing materials which uplifted the community/mankind in our own very unique ways. Nickey provided me countless advice on how to initiate the publishing journey and I am grateful for having to learn and absorb so much from him. Despite his busy schedule, he still made his presence felt during the most challenging times of the interior designing of the book which did not initially meet my requirement. But through his commitment to the project we committed together, i.e. Expressions of an Inward Path had brought about fruition. Thank you, Nickey and The Inspiration Hub for being around to support and enable baby writers like us to experience what would have only been a dream to many. Wishing you the very best!"

-- GG, author of Expressions of an Inward Path


Special Moments

"I am thankful I had Inspiration Hub to help in the publication of my book, Special Moments. A lot of my readers are very impressed with the quality of the printing. I am very happy with the professional service and will definitely go back to The Inspiration Hub for future publications."

-- Ng Kui Choo, author of Special Moments




Mars 12: Destination Mars

"It was a great pleasure working with The Inspiration Hub. Friendly and cooperative manager. High-quality work. Diverse range of services. Everything under one roof. Quick and easy payments. Meets deadlines and exceeds expectations. Highly recommended for first-time self-publishing writers."

-- Ng Zhan Ming, author of Mars 12: Destination Mars




The Basics of FTTH

"The Inspiration Hub has been a great support for the publishing of my first book. Nickey has given me his clear and full support on editing the contents, designing of the cover page as well as printing. All these were done within a very tight schedule and he was able to deliver in a quick and timely manner.

Nickey is a very friendly chap who really enjoys to help me through the whole process as well as provide professional advice dealing with the copyright and application of the ISBN code.

With Nickey's help, my book is in great demand and has given me much credibility in my line of work. Thank you Nickey for being such a great adviser and supporter for my first book."

-- David Ong, author of The Basics of FTTH - Technician's Manual


 The Rainforest Unicorns

"Publishing a book independently isn't an easy task, the very sound of it renders it as a huge responsibility. But when you have consultants who make you feel like they can alleviate your burden, it goes a long way in restoring your confidence to go ahead with your dream. The Inspiration Hub helped me not only in terms of publishing the book, but also to devise selling and launching strategies along with feedbacks along the way that proved to be very helpful in terms of strategizing my book."

-- Ram Anand, author of The Rainforest Unicorns



Life Beyond the Comfort Zone

"Working with The Inspiration Hub is a pleasure. I'm very impressed with their quality of work and responsiveness as it gives me ease of mind and confidence. If you'd like to have good work done delivered by a professional, look for them!"

-- Tey Bin Yuen, author of Life Beyond the Comfort Zone




K-4: Kapsul Ungu

"I wrote a novel just to challenge myself but somehow people love it and I am beginning to get bulk orders. Inspiration Hub had given me tremendous help in fulfilling the orders on time. Thanks to Inspiration Hub’s good work practice, the customers are coming back for more and I am writing more books this year!"

-- Elzara Hariri, author of K-4: Kapsul Ungu




Financial Modeling

"Nickey and The Inspiration Hub have been rather diligent in conducting the jobs that we have given them, leading to the successful publication of our first self-published book entitled Financial Modeling for Engineers and Accountants Made Easy. This is the first of many “Made Easy” books that we have intended for text book publication targeted for post-graduate students in MBA, engineering, accounting and finance courses.

I hope you can accord them the same trust that we have on them to complete their job."

-- DR Ir Maulud Latif, author of Financial Modeling for Engineers & Accountants Made Easy


Jejak Pelabur Hartanah

"I chose The Inspiration Hub because I was impressed with everything they presented, from the marketing materials and the quality of the printing to the consultation and guidance they offer. The Inspiration Hub is outstanding!"

-- Najib, CEO of Shah Consultancy, publisher of Jejak Pelabur Hartanah






"Thanks for your help in this one year to release my first book. Thank you, thank you!"

-- Chow Lai Yin, author of Elegant



I Am The Alpha & Omega

"When I had wanted to publish my book “I AM THE ALPHA & OMEGA”, I first searched through a host of websites of established international publishing consultants who could help me transform my dreams & thoughts into written reality. But I selected a local publishing consultant, THE INSPIRATION HUB.  Today I am glad that I made a right decision in selecting them. You can be the greatest writer, but a ‘book would be no book’ if it is not brought to the attention and interest of the masses of readers. 

As a master chef who transforms an ordinary raw meat into an exotic palatable cuisine for the masses of people, in like manner did THE INSPIRATION HUB edit, design, print, etc. undertook a host of promotional and distributional tasks to have my book published through bookstores and major book websites."

-- B. Mathew, author of I Am The Alpha & Omega

 Malaysian Cherry Tree & Other Poems


"The Inspiration Hub has done a tremendous job in presenting the final touches for my poetry book in such a short time. Basically, they were able to turn my manuscripts into an impressive book of poems. I am indeed impressed. I look forward to work with them for my next work."

-- Kalaimathy Irene George, Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia,
Author of Malaysian Cherry Tree & Other Poems


Internet Evangelism

 "I had the privilege to publish my book with The Inspiration Hub. My experience with them can be summarized as these: 

Right-on-time job delivery. High regard for quality. Very afffordable cost of publishing and designing.

I highly recommend to every prospective successful author/publisher to work with The Inspiration Hub. Their customer relationship level is 100% without mincing words."

-- Sobere O. Opusunju, author of Internet Evangelism


Perfect Love

"Thanks to The Inspiration Hub for proofreading this book and finding all my mistakes. The draft version of this book sat on my table for 14 years before they came along and got things moving."

-- Dr. Peter Achutha, author of Perfect Love & Other Stories