We are on semi-sabbatical leave for July 2019

Nickey here, the founder of the company.

We will be on a semi-sabbatical leave for the entire month of July. My wife, Joyce who is also my partner in running this business, will be delivering our 2nd kid sometime in July. We will be away to East Malaysia for a while.

What does it mean?

For our authors with ongoing projects that have already paid to get started:
Work will still proceed like usual. We have our teams of designers and editors assigned to handle them, and I will still personally oversee some of the projects, so no worries.

However I won't be taking any face-to-face meetings as I might not be around in KL on certain weeks of July.

You say: Can you send your sales rep to come meet me?
Ah, the question that I so often got asked. We're a small tightly-knitted team. But we're not like a financial corporation with deep pockets to hire a huge team of salespeople to run around and sell services. We function similarly like a doctor giving consultations. We need to know what your book is about in order to work out a good plan for you.

You can still reach me during July. Please email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can do our discussion there.

You say: I would like to discuss about the book publishing details on the phone.
I'm open to arrange for a phone discussion appointment. Just give me a heads-up of 1 or 2 days in advance if possible. But try not to call without first making an appointment time, I can't promise that I will be available to take an unarranged call.

Alternatively, you can ask your questions on Whatsapp or email.

You say: I still want to meet face to face.
Perhaps we can arrange sometime in August if you are willing to wait. Meanwhile in July, we can communicate through email, Whatsapp or phone first.

You say: Our book project is ready to start.
If you're doing book printing, those we still can take.
For design & editing jobs, we still can take on two conditions: (1) Our design/editor team still has capacitiy to handle (do check with us first); (2) Preferably it's not those super urgent/rush jobs.

You say: Congratulations on your coming baby.
Thank you so much. It's truly an exciting season ahead indeed.

In summary:
- We won't be able to take any face-to-face meetings for the July month. Only emails, Whatsapp or phone calls.
- Depending on when the baby will be out, I may get busy. My reply time to you may be slow by 1 or 2 days. Please bear with me.
- We still can take in new projects only if our team can handle, and it's not a super rush/urgent type of project. You can check with us first.

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