Christmas Cactus Celebrates Christmas

by Shireen Yoong

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This item is a children's activity book PDF. Once you complete the purchase, you will be emailed the PDF download link. You can then print out the activity worksheets and do the activity together with your children. Have FUN!


Cactus? Snow? There is no snow in the desert!

Moral of the story: We may be just like Cactus. We can still thrive in any conditions we are in and still celebrate every seasons of our lives. Here, Cactus celebrates Christmas with his friends, reindeer, snowman, unicorns and all!

This is a Fun Activity Book for Children (Age 3-10).

Kids learn to read the fun way -- read as they draw, colour or paint.

Not forgetting singing a carol or two.

The Christmas spirit is here!

About the Author

Shireen Yoong is an educator.

Shireen believes that one is never too ‘young’ or too ‘old’ to learn, explore, create and innovate as time progresses. Having worked and engaged with both kids and adults, Shireen has trained, performed, taught in music schools, participated in recitals, concerts and events both locally and abroad.

Currently, Shireen works as a music tutor. She is attached to kindergartens conducting classes in music and movement, song composition for pre schools, percussion and dance choreography, writing story & music books for children, speech,  drama, music and art related programs.

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