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Malaysian Condo Living FAQ 1

All you need to know about condo living

by Condo Dr Joseph Wong

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MCL-FAQ 大马高楼居住问题多多 was first set up in 1 Jan 2015 to promote awareness of how to make the most of your condominium and strata living experience in Malaysia. Ever since BCPA 663 was enforced, people all over the country are thrust into positions of authority with little or no preparation. They are responsible for hundreds of millions of Ringgit worth of properties in their hands; their decisions affect the lives of hundreds of people. These people are elected as Joint Management Committee (JMC) of a condominium or apartment. Whether they are serving because of their own self-interest or for the greater good of the entire community, most are ill-prepared for this task and there are very few written books to guide them on the do’s & don’ts. Condo Dr. has compiled this publication based on real issues and solutions offered by experts. With hundreds of scenarios that have commonly affected dwellers in high-rise livings, the FAQs & answers are presented in a short story format that can serve as a good teaching material to new Joint Management Body (JMB), house buyers and investors. Through this book, house owners, JMB / Management Corporation (MC) and property managers can now find the solution to their problems.


Condo Dr. Joseph Wong is a licensed professional property manager. Since undergoing a less-than-successful brain surgery to remove a brain tumour in 2009, Joseph Wong has been classified as a Neurologically Dysfunctional Individual (OKU). Another effect of the procedure is that dementia is slowly setting in. Afraid that the wisdom, knowledge, and thirty years of hands-on experience in property management skills will be lost forever, Joseph Wong decided to put all of it into writing. His venture into online publishing began five years ago, when he shared FAQs and answers via his blog and Facebook page. This book therefore aims to present this existing knowledge in a new and accessible form for a wider audience, be it the casual reader or academics or industry peers.


  • Condo Dr Joseph Wong
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