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Naturally DietStyle

Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition Made Practical and Easy

by Ruha V & Enrico Falgiani

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After 6,000 years of civilization, modern science has made it possible for us to identify and control viruses and bacteria. With modern technology, we have even put a man on the moon. Yet, for the first time in history, food-related diseases have become a major concern to our society.

What happened to the good old saying “let food be your medicine”? It looks like we are not really applying it nowadays. The thing is, unbalanced lifestyles and modern engineered food have made us lose touch with both Nature and our own body, which is taking a heavy toll on our health.

The solution? Holistic Nutrition, easy and accessible, for everyone.

Follow us on this journey, learn how to feed your body naturally, without complicated and stressful diets. Learn how to reconnect with Nature, by means of the most ancient and basic methods.

Be the master of your own well-being. It is all about a simple and natural... DIETSTYLE

Join the global nutrition movement


What others say

"Dear Ruha & Enrico. At last I finished reading the whole book. Very simple and understandable for anyone. You seem to have covered all topics related to nutrition and much more after the 5 pillars to total health. Hopefully many of the young and busy people read Naturally Dietstyle and make changes to their lifestyle and pay importance to the very diet that their body systems depends on. Lastly, the reading of food labels and picking the right food to prevent some processed food related diseases which are common among our teenagers. Adopting Whole Food Plantbased Diet is the way forward. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have a copy of Naturally Dietstyle."

Dr Vythi, general doctor


"Finally a book that is easy to read, with simple and practical teachings on how to improve our health. Highly Recommended."

Mr Williams, Consultant

"A noble cause. An easy read. With its humorous, flexible and practical messages, it makes you feel that it is actually possible to achieve health and live a healthy life. An amazing work that has surely taken lots of effort and dedication."

Ms Jing, owner and manager of a vegetarian restaurant

About the Author

Ruha Thevi Veerasenan

Certified Nutritionist (IRL), Master Herbalist (UK), Member of the UK Complementary Medical Association (UK). She specializes in Child Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Raw Food Nutrition, as well as Vegetarian and Vegan Diets.

Driven by a passion for natural food and envisioning a society free from disease, at the very young age of 14 she began researching into holistic nutrition, experimenting with traditional recipes, searching for natural cures to illness and disease. As a result of more than 30 years of relentless and dedicated work, after a degree in Biology and various Nutrition Certifications, she has successfully developed, refined, and is now presenting to you the “DietStyle”: the simplest and yet most effective nutrition system which is changing the way the world looks at food, allowing an always-increasing number of people to achieve true and everlasting health.

Living proof of the DietStyle’s effectiveness, Ruha has launched “The Nutrivolution”, a movement aimed at spreading awareness about food, nutrition and health. Ruha is also engaged in public speaking, delivering live and online nutrition talks, workshops, seminars. Her services are also offered privately to both individual and corporate clients.
When she is not in the office, you will find her in the kitchen, experimenting with funny ingredients, which always turn into amazingly tasty and healthy recipes; or you can find her in the forest, full of energy, pushing to the limit along steep paths, waterfalls and streams.

Enrico Falgiani

Business consultant, interpreter and writer.

After dealing for many years with overweight, stress and poor health conditions, drifting helplessly from one diet to another, in 2017 he finally embraced the DietStyle. The system revealed itself to be so simple and the results yet so amazing that he knew he shouldn’t stop there. He is now actively involved in the Nutrivolution, supporting in public speaking, advocating for holistic nutrition and the whole-food plant-based diet, always excited to share with others the awareness and knowledge that he was gifted upon. In his spare time, he enjoys exercising and jogging. His Nutritionist finds that he is now addicted to nutrition and health.

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Ruha V & Enrico Falgiani
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