The Promise Keeper

The Ultimate Leadership For All Generations

by Ninoy Chanchinpavinnat

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“When Ninoy invited me to write a foreword in his book ‘The Promise Keeper’. I gladly accepted the request. I have witnessed his success. This book describes his journey, which I believe will provide good guidance to the readers, especially young entrepreneurs, and coaching in their life journey.”

Khoo Chong Kok
Founders Crown Ambassador, Malaysia

“In conclusion, I think this book is a most logical explanation to ensure success in this business as long as you are humble to learn, listen, follow the success principles, and work hard.”

Dr. SF Wong & Celia
Founders Council Member, Malaysia

“What I admire most about Ninoy is he has been the only one leader who keeps coming to Korea whether the result was good or not. Either in a cold winter or a hot summer, he always comes to Seoul for giving amazing heartfelt leadership, an inspiring speech like no other can for FREE to many young leaders!! It is hard to deny many young leaders in Korea was inspired by Ninoy’s words and his hard work. They believe in themselves more when they know Ninoy believes in them.

In Korea, we called this ‘The Ninoy’s Impact’.

He is as famous as a K-Pop Idol. If Lisa is of Blackpink, Ninoy is of Amway!”

Dr. Joo Jae Oh & Park Kyung Ja
100+ Founders Crown Ambassador, Korea

“A sign of a great leader is not how many followers you have, but how many leaders you created. Ninoy builds his business empire in nine years, created thousands of entrepreneurs along with him, which impacted millions of people around the world in the journey. For me, that’s significant.”

Liew Rik Chuean
Founders of CSI Global Enrichment SDN BHD., Malaysia

“I always wanted to know in detail how to be a comprehensive leader, and I believe many people are still ‘confuse’ with the definition of leadership. But with The Promise Keeper, you can learn not just how to be an effective leader but at the same time why you need to be a leader. The book is easy to understand, and you just can’t stop reading it!”

Wayne Tan
Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur in Malaysia Year 2020

“I saw how Ninoy found meaning in serving and helping other people. This book is an extension of his heart. He desires to reach out to you and even more through his words. The greatest joy to him is above being the best seller. It is about how many life transformations this book is helping with.”

Chew Wei Wei
Entrepreneur, Singapore

About the Author

Having grown up in Banpong, Ratchaburi Thailand, at age 13, Ninoy left for Melbourne, Australia, for secondary school. He was living by himself alone during those years in Melbourne. He then went on to study at Wesley College at St. Kilda Campus. Ninoy excelled at Wesley College and became class leader ‘The Prefect’ during his senior year at Wesley.

Upon completing his education at Wesley, he returned to Bangkok to further his education. Ninoy graduated with first honors with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Chulalongkorn University. He then went on to pursue a master’s degree in finance from Chulalongkorn University again with first honors. Ninoy was very much involved in university activities throughout the years he was there. Because of his passion for lead others and serve the people, it was always his goal to help head up as many university activities as he could.

Today, he has and has given out every year his own scholarship “The Ninoy Summa Cum Laude Scholarship” to Chulalongkorn University students, who excel in doing activities while keeping responsibility at study. The special quality of Ninoy’s scholarship is he never asks for a good grade from the scholar, but he asks the student who received the scholarship to attend 10 days of Vipassana Meditation by S.N.Goenka twice a year. He always accompanies the student by attending the course together with them or be the course manager himself. He said this in this way he can build a real “Scholar” who know ways of out suffering.

In terms of faith, Ninoy has always firmly believed in Buddhist teaching, but he also understands Christianity very deeply. He was ordained as a monk and lived in the jungle in northern Thailand when he was only 20 years old for a year. As well, Ninoy is a firm supporter of Vipassana Meditation, as taught by S.N. Goenka, as mention above with the scholarship. He has completed all the courses, including 20 days and 30 days long course.

Ninoy left home as well as his father’s lucrative business behind to travel to Bangkok to pursue his dreams at the age of 24. Starting from the very ground up, Ninoy achieved amazing success in business within 10 short years. He then went on to achieve the highest PIN Level & Income Level at his business. He also becomes the youngest person to achieve success on that level in the company’s over 64-year history.

Today, Ninoy travels the world intending to be an inspiration to young people everywhere. When he’s not traveling, he spends time reading at his local library near his home.

He always said that “I never want to be anyone’s idol of fame, but I want to be the Icon of Hope for the people. Keeping hope alive and strengthen the faith of all is my responsibility to someone up there.”

In addition to all that has been mentioned here, Ninoy took part in the 3 Poles Challenge at the age of thirty-five, reaching the South Pole, the North Pole, and Mount Everest. He also competed in The Abbott World Marathon Majors and did it all in sub-4 hours.

After a 3 months long spiritual pilgrimage over 4 continents 21 cities, he thought the time has come for the book “The Promise Keeper” and the Ultimate Series.

He has currently written 3 best-seller books in Thailand, which are a part of a seven-book Ultimate series.

  • The Promise Keeper is Volume 1.
  • The Achiever is Volume 2.
  • The Sales Master Volume 3.
  • The Believer Volume 4.
  • The Miracle Maker Volume 5.
  • The Explore Volume 6.
  • The Finisher Volume 7.

Book Details

  • Ninoy Chanchinpavinnat
Leadership, Motivation
Page Count
6 x 9 inch
Book Type
Ninoy Chanchinpavinnat

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A person of word, inspiration and values
7 months ago
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Pray to God to be like Ninoy.
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17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
The humble person who is inspired people all over the world!
6 months ago
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I've heard about Khun Ninoy just around two months..officially. I've watch Amway Singapore eRally Event on November, 20th 2020. I really impressed with his attitude. Even though now he is already at the top of the world, he is still the same person that his friends know..I wish I will be alike his great attitude!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful